All competitors in Weightlifting must be current members of USA Weightlifting.

Age Divisions: (Scored by Sinclair Formula)

  • Open
  • Teenage (up to 17)
  • Masters (35+)

Welcome to the Weightlifting Rules and Overview of the 5 Bar Showdown!

Equipment and Wardrobe:

·         Singlet – Must be worn in competition

·         Wrist Wraps – Optional

·         Knee Wraps/Knee Sleeves – Optional

·         Belt – Optional within width/thickness parameters

·         Weightlifting Shoes

·         Thumb Tape

·         Socks cannot touch knee wraps/sleeves

·         T Shirt – Optional under your singlet

·         Visit here for USA Weightlifting’s detailed equipment rules

Weigh in will begin 2 hours prior to the start of lifting for each session (i.e. If lifting begins at 10am, weigh in begins at 8am) and will be in order of Lot Number.

The Weightlifting competition will be run using the Progressive system. With this system the bar will never decrease in weight. The lightest attempt will be the next lift of the platform. If a lifter follows his or her self in back to back attempts they will have 2 minutes, instead of the standard 1 minute, to begin their next attempt.

For tips on counting attempts click here

An athlete is allowed a declaration and 2 weight changes on each attempt. The 2 weight changes also apply to the declared opening attempt.

There will be a 10 minute clock between the Snatch and Clean and Jerk portion of the event.

The best lifter of each division will be calculated using the Sinclair Formula. The Masters Division will use the Age Adjusted Sinclair Formula. We will NOT use Robi Points.

Technical Infractions for Snatch and Clean & Jerk


All competitors in powerlifting must be members of USA Powerlifting

Age Divisions: (scored by IPF Formula)

  • Open Lightweight (<63kg Female / <83kg Male)
  • Open Heavyweight (>63kg Female / >83kg Male)
  • Teen (14-19)
  • Junior (20-23)
  • Masters (40+)

5 BAR 101

The Super Total event requires you to be a member of both USA Weightlifting and USA Powerlifting.

Age Divisions: (Scored by multiplying “Sinclair x IPF Formula” Teens and Masters will also include age coefficient.

  • Open
  • Teen (14-19)
  • Masters (35+)

The Superman/Superwoman Division of the 5 Bar Showdown consists of competing in Weightlifting and Powerlifting in the same day. The athlete’s Sinclair score from Weightlifting will be multiplied by the athlete’s score from Powerlifting to determine the final rankings.

Weightlifting will be contested first and followed by Powerlifting in the afternoon.

All USA Weightlifting Rules apply.

All USA Powerlifting Rules apply.